Shorter "Top 10 Steps to Better Beer"

From Chris Colby’s September 2005 article Top 10 Steps to Better Beer, annotated with my own notes:

  1. Cleaning (PBW)
  2. Sanitation (Star San)
  3. Quality Ingredients (Vacuum-packed hop pellets stored in the freezer, DME)
  4. Pitch Enough Healthy Yeast (Liquid yeast with starters)
  5. Proper and Stable Fermentation Temperature (Son of fermentation chiller, fermwrap, stopper thermowell, and a digital thermostat)
  6. Wort Aeration (Rock for 5 minutes)
  7. Avoid Excess Tannins (steep in 1–3 quarts per pound, rinse with the same volume or less, stay under 170°F)
  8. Keep Oxygen Away (move beer gently)
  9. Vigorous, Full-Wort Boil (A 10-gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker™ Brew Pot on a Camp Chef Explorer. Woo hoo!)
  10. Proper pH (Hmmm…)


p>What about proper wort chilling? What would another be? Maybe pitching at your fermentation temperature, though that might be part of proper wort chilling.

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