(17) Sunday, April 11, 2010 Brew Day

It’s another great day to brew. Today (4/11) I’m doing the BYO Stone IPA clone.

9:38 Finished mash/lauter/sparge calculations.

9:42 Yeast smacked.

10:30 Brewery set up. Heating strike water. Weighing grains.

10:49 Grains crushed.

10:56 Filling MLT with 160 °F strike water.

10:59 Mashing at 152 °F.

Note: Beiss Caramel 10L is very hard (crunchy) with a grainy flavor and very slight sweetness. Rahr 2-row has a much earthier flavor and is not as hard.

11:36 There’s a mocking bird running through her repertoire in a nearby oak tree. Sunny skies with a temperature of 61 °F.

11:44 Heating sparge water.

12:00 Vorlauff.

12:05 First runnings 19 Brix/1.076 SG.

Note: First runnings are DELICIOUS! Very sweet. Nice light color. The yeasties should be very happy.

12:10 Adding sparge water

12:15 Vorlauff.

12:18 Sparging. Gravity of second runnings 9 Brix/1.035 SG.

Note: Second runnings not as sweet as first. Subtle earthy flavor.

12:22 Combined wort 12.4 Brix/1.049 SG (BG). Expected 1.050. Sight glass says about 7⅜ gallons, but the kettle is leaning back a bit because the ground under the camp stove is uneven so I’m going to call it 7½ gallons, which was the target.

Note: About the level of sweetness of hot cocao.

12:26 Heating to boil.

12:34 Dumped spent grain on compost pile.

12:54 Measured out boil hops.

Note: Drinking a Stone IPA while brewing a Stone IPA clone. How fitting. Thank you, Gretchen, for thinking of it and joining me.

1:02 Boiling. I can see the hot break this time. It does look like egg drop soup. I still have no idea why I could not see it last time. Adding bittering hops.

2:14 Placed chiller in kettle to sanitize.

2:19 Adding flavor/aroma hops and whirlfloc tablet.

2:28 Sanitize fermenter.

2:34 Flame out. Chilling.

2:56 Chilled to 68 °F. Removing chiller, whirlpooling, and cover.

3:06 15.2 Brix/1.060 SG (OG). Expected 1.063 (1.065).

3:12 Draining to fermenter.

3:38 Aerating.

3:41 Pitched. Fermenting at 66 °F.

4:25 Everything put away.

Update: It is Monday (4/12) and when I went to see how my beer was doing, I noticed the thermostat for the fermentation chamber heater was on. It was set for 66 °F, but it was reading 60°F, so I investigated further. Turns out I did remember to put the temperature probe into the thermowell in the carboy, but I forgot to wrap the fermwrap heater around it. It was desperately trying to heat the carboy, but it did not have much of a chance since it was a few feet away. Easy enough to fix, but my streak of messing something up every batch is still unbroken. They say that colder fermentation can be cleaner, so I do not think this will be a problem.

Update: It is the next Monday (4/19) and I just added the dry hops.

Update: It is the next Sunday (4/25) and I’m bottling. The gravity measures 7.6 Brix/1.011 FG. Expected 1.019. Wow. 80.9% ADF. 6.5% ABV. I have to assume that my mash lost temperature (or my thermometer reads high) and my wort was much more fermentable than I expected. The beer had been fermenting at 64 °F. I got 51½ bottles (618 oz or 4.8 gallons). I used 3 oz of corn sugar. I should end up with about 2.2 volumes of CO₂.

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