Brush Valley Brewing House Ale v 1.1

Tomorrow I am going to make the first revisions to my house ale recipe.

The changes in this recipe are:

  1. Adding Irish Moss
  2. Adding Brewer’s Choice™ Wyeast Nutrient Blend
  3. Using Wyeast 1968 London ESB Ale™ yeast, rather than Wyeast 1056 American Ale™
  4. Because I am changing the yeast, I will also be raising the fermentation temperature from 62 °F to 66 °F

These are also a couple of procedural changes:

  1. Adding all of the mash water at once and stabilizing at the strike temperature
  2. Fermenting in a refrigerator — I built a plywood stand for the fermentor to sit on and switched my controller from heating to cooling mode

Tonight I set up my brew stand. I measured out my mash and sparge water. I have my mash tun and fermenter standing by. I weighed and ground my grains and measured out my three hop additions as well as my mash and boil salts. I rounded up my Irish Moss and my yeast nutrient. I’m sure I’ll think of some things I have forgotten when I finally need them. For now, I think I have enough of a head start to call it an evening.

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