Shared: Best Disclaimer Language Ever

I thought it was funny that I should see two of these so close together. Both very fun.

Opinion about posting Jamil’s recipes

I am an attorney. I am NOT your attorney. This is NOT legal advice.  I am NOT giving you legal advice. Do NOT rely upon these statements. This is just rambling about copyright law. No attorney-client relationship is being formed by this communication. This text is copyrighted. Any violation may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But you can copy this text if you send me a homebrew beer.

Best Disclaimer Language Ever | The Big Picture

The future is unknowable. We have good intentions but all of our projections and estimates will be wrong, and could be materially wrong. Wildcat exploration is expensive, speculative and potentially dangerous. An offshore spill or explosion would be enormously expensive. We have insurance but it may not be enough. You could lose your entire investment. Don’t be lazy – read our 10-Q’s, 10-K’s and press releases, and if you lose money – please no tears.

“Don’t forget about risk-free T-bills in your portfolio… After inflation and taxes you’ll likely only lose 5-10% of your investment.”

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