Shared: Better Beer Society and Brewing TV Present: Pouring a Proper Pint

Better Beer Society and Brewing TV Present: Pouring a Proper Pint by BetterBeerSociety:

We know that you appreciate good beer. Your tap selection is exceptional, and you truly want your customers to receive the highest quality experience when enjoying their beer.

The Better Beer Society and our friends at Brewing TV have teamed up to provide this short video on how to pour a proper pint and achieve “beer clean” glassware.

Our goal is to help educate those seeking to improve upon their service standards, help prevent against profit loss, and maximize the quality of the beer being served.

We feel that there is a need for this; moreover, we feel the beer community deserves this. People have a choice of where to spend their hard earned dollars and nothing can ruin a beer faster than with dirty glassware or an improper pour.

Working together to raise the bar can only be a good thing for the Minnesota beer community, and as we strive to become one of the next destination craft beer states, it will be the little details like this that will truly matter.

For more information on staff training, menu consultations, or other ways that BBS can help your bar or restaurant, please contact or visit our website at


~Rob Shellman

Founder/Certified Cicerone®
Better Beer Society, LLC

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