(41) Sunday, September 16, 2012 Brew Day, Return of the Night Horse

6:45 Flame on. Heating mash and Sparge water.

7:14 Kettle strike temperature is 175 °F. Draining to the mash tun.

7:20 Drained. Mash tun strike temperature is 166 °F. I’m going to let it drop a few degrees before doughing in.

7:25 Mash tun strike temperature is 163 °F. Doughing in.

7:31 Mashing at 151 °F.

8:51 Mash complete. Ending temperature was 152 °F. Vorlauff and lauter.

8:45 Lauter complete. Collected just shy of 3.5 gallons. First running gravity is 1.062 SG (1.056 SG at 98 °F).

8:52 Sparging. Kettle Sparge temperature is 174 °F. Mash tun Sparge temperature is 158 °F. Vorlauff and lauter. Second running gravity is 1.025 SG (1.017 SG at 108 °F).

9:04 Sparge complete. Collected a total of 6-7/8 gallons. Reasonably, that puts the first and second runnings at 3-7/16 gallons each. Boil gravity is 1.044 SG (1.041 SG at 83 °F).

9:11 Flame on. Heating wort to boiling.

Night Horse Stout wort coming to the boil

9:44 Boiling. Waiting for hot break to subside.

9:50 Hot break has subsided. Adding bittering hops.

Kent Goldings hop pellet packet

10:30 Added flavor hops.

10:35 Added Irish moss and chiller.

10:40 Added yeast nutrient.

10:45 Added aroma hops.

10:50 Flame out and chilling.

11:30 Chilled. Whirlpool and let settle. Original gravity volume is 5-7/8 gallons. Original gravity is 1.053 SG (1.051 SG at 74 °F). Target was 1.046 SG.

11:50 Draining to the carboy.

12:09 Drained. Rocking to aerate.

12:14 Aerated.

Rogue Pacman Wyeast smack pack

My yeast is Wyeast 1764 Rogue Pacman with a manufacture date of July 9, 2012. According to Mr Malty, that implies 50% viability. I made a 2-quart starter a few days ago, which means I should have about 2/3 of the yeast I need. 🙁 I need to do these calculations earlier. I could have made a bigger starter or used more yeast packs. This isn’t going to be a very good yeast experiment. This is also the yeast that it took 8 days for FedEx to deliver to me, so who knows how stressed it was to start.

So here’s the plan. I need 226B cells. My starter has about 150B. I have 2 more smack packs that should each give me 50B cells for a total of 250B.

12:23 Pitched.

1:18 Everything is cleaned and put away. The fermentation temperature is not set yet. The fermentation temperature is set to 64±1 °F.

Sunday, October 7 Kegged. Final gravity 1.016 SG (1.017 SG at 48 °F).

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