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Pour the perfect pint | 5 scientific steps for the ultimate beer | Head Squeeze by Head Squeeze:

You know what it’s like; you’re on the sofa at home (potentially in your underpants) watching the game or a movie and you decide to enjoy a can or bottle of beer. But you can never pour it like they do in the pub! You either get too much foam, or not enough, and it never tastes as good. Well, no longer. In this video Chris Clarke shows you the five simple steps to getting it just right — according to science.

The most important bit of science to consider when pouring any carbonated beverage is how carbon dioxide molecules gather together to form bubbles, or froth — the scientific term for this is ‘nucleation’. The real trick behind the Scientifically Perfect Pour is all about controlling the speed at which nucleation occurs.

02:13 Step 1: Choose your beverage and a clean glass

02:40 Step 2: Tilt your glass at a 45 degree angle and pour your beverage gently so that there is a gap between the top of the glass and the neck of your bottle or can

03:27 Step 3: Straighten up and slowly stop pouring when the beverage reaches the top of the glass. Your beverage should have a minimal head of foam.

03:42 Step 4: Pour the remainder of your beer from above and into the centre of the glass and watch the creamy head form about an inch thick until it just bows up over the lip of the glass

04:08 Step 5: take measured mouthfuls of the drink to ensure you don’t slurp away all that carefully constructed foam and ruin the steady release of aromas as you drink.

Always remember to drink responsibly, cheers!

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